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The AIRhub™ provides on road resistance at the flick of a switch.

There are no shortcuts to improving cycling strength. If you want to be the best, you need to train harder than your competitors.
The AIRhub™ delivers increased resistance to provide progressive training adaptation. Progressive, controlled, resistance during training will help you improve faster and hit specific training goals - when you want, where you want.

What is the AIRhub™?

The AIRhub™ is a precision electromagnetic control system.
It is an on road resistance trainer contained within a hub, that fits into your front forks, just like a normal bicycle wheel.
Our resistance technology gives you maximum control of your training environment.
Train out on the open road, where you want to be.

Ride with friends, stay safe and improve training quality, all of this and more is now available at the flick of a switch or touch of a button.

Why use the AIRhub™?

Optimise Training Time
The AIRhub will turn every ride into a workout of the highest quality. The smooth resistance from the AIRhub™ allows you to customise every ride to make the most of the time you have.
Mobile training camp
Increase the difficulty of your local group rides. Progressively overload training volume and intensity. Simulate mountainous conditions. Keep challenging yourself year round at a fraction of the cost of a training camp.
Increase On-Road Safety
Sure, riding fast can be a buzz, but when your heart is racing and the speeds are high your safety is in real danger. AIRhub™ will let you produce more power at the lower speeds and open up a whole new world of high quality training routes and partners.
Ride with Family and Friends
Training hard is the goal and you can achieve this by adding AIRhub™ resistance to your ride that allows you to match the cycling ability of your family and friends.

Introducing the AIRhub™ range

Carbon or Alloy or even if you prefer to build up your own, we have an AIRhub to suit you.

AIRhub™ Testimonials

The worlds best athletes use the AIRhub, this is what the world's best think

For age-group triathletes in particular I see the AIRhub™ as the most innovative and potentially effective ways to maximise restricted training time and take your triathlon performance up to a new level without having to increase training time.
As is get stronger the AIRhub resistance increases to match my level. This allows my training sessions to improve massively, something my competition doesn't have.
The proof is in the pudding. Hard work wins races. Using the AIRhub every day lets me get used to training at a higher power output, then when i put my race wheels in i feel like i could fly!
When using the AIRHub i don't have to chase the power or the pedals, It comes to me. That means more adaptation for the same amount of effort. It's brilliant. One ride and you're hooked.