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AIRhub Pro Disk - Pre Sale.

AIRhub Pro Disk - Pre Sale.

AIRhub Pro Disk - Pre Sale.


{12/10/20 -production update  - The Gold finish colour as pictured here didn't pass quality control during the production run, so we changed the hub finish to a sleek Gunmetal black}

AIRhub disk is finally here! 

Pre Order now. Only 24 units available. Our next stock order requires a much longer lead time and is expected to ship around Christmas. 

AIRhub disk is only available in our most popular 3 mode switched version, However this doesn't mean it lacks any features. 

After 3 years of AIRhub original we have completely redesigned the internals of the AIRhub disk to use more robust bearings, tighter tolerances, better heat paths.

By popular demand the 3 levels of resistance have now been upgraded! Resistance settings are Off, 2w/kmh and 3w/kmh.

We now use a higher magnetic permeability casing so that the low speed resistance is slightly higher than the first AIRhub and its carbon shell. 

The wheel is super stiff with a 128-120 spoke hole diameter. C-C of 47mm means you can run the same length spokes on both sides. 

Paired with a DT Swiss r500 Rim for the fattest rim profile available, you can run large bag tires and improve your ride feel and comfort. 

We supply a beautiful SRAM 160mm rotor as part of the full wheel package. Your bike must be able to use 160mm rotors to allow for additional caliper clearances.

Dispatch expected 4th of November. 

If you miss out on this order, the Disk AIRhub will be back in stock around Christmas time. 

*The final product will be polished gray in colour and not gold as pictured. 

This product will ship as the following:

AIRhub Wheelbag

AIRhub disk brake hub

12mm thru axle bompatable

DT swiss R500 clincher, Disk specific rim.

SRAM 160mm rotor.