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AIRhub Pro Disk

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AIRhub Pro Disk. 

After years of feedback with professional athletes we are proud to bring you the AIRhub PRO DISK

Designed for riding in all conditions with simple consistent operation. A single switch at the axle controls 3 different levels of resistance. No Bluetooth. No Smartphones. Just next level training.

The AIRhub Pro adds resistance based on speed. The faster you go the more resistance is applied.

Level 1 adds 1 watt of resistance per Kilometer per hour of road speed. Level 2 adds 2 watts per kilometer per hour. 2 w/kmh equates to a 1% grade on every road. 

The AIRhub Pro is designed to make you a better you. With the slightest increase in resistance you will begin to see monthly gains in average riding power. 
We recommend a slow progression from no resistance, to Level 1 and on to Level 2.

As with all training, progressive overload is key. The progressive loading from increasing your average riding power is massive. While you barely notice it at the time, by the end of the week you will feel like you have spent every day in the gym.

 Airhub in bike

The newly redesigned AIRHub is better in every way. We have used more robust bearings, tighter tolerances, better heat paths.

We now use a higher magnetic permeability casing so that the low speed resistance is higher than the first AIRhub and its carbon shell. 

There are two variations of the AIRhub disk you can purchase. The difference comes down to the practicality of international shipping. Shipping full wheels across the globe is really really expensive at the moment.

We have developed the AIRhub Build kit which consists of AIRhub + Spokes and Nipples ready to be built into a 24h DT swiss R470 or R500 rim, or any rim with an ERD of 596mm. Order the build kit from us and purchase your R470/R500 rim locally to save on international shipping fees. 


The AIRhub disk has a 128-120 spoke hole diameter with a C-C of 47mm means you can run the same length spokes on both sides. 

Your bike must be able to use 160mm rotors to allow for additional calliper clearances.

You will need to purchase a 6 Bolt 160mm rotor to use the AIRhub pro Disk.


This product will ship as the following:

24 hole AIRhub disk brake hub.

12mm thru axle compatible.

24 spokes and nipples

Optional: Pre built into DT swiss Clincher rim.