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Nero KOM Racing AIRhub Pro Review. 

"It is unlike anything I have ever used, the question of does it work is not really worth dwelling on, put simply ... it does. But the question of would you use it and and there circumstances that would suit your riding and training, well that's what I set myself the goal of answering"

NEW AIRhub: Basic Velodrome Testing

"My first roll on the new AIRhub by Terrain Dynamics. Near silent operation gets a huge thumbs up from me. Tonight I roll around the Horsham velodrome for some basic outdoor testing. There’s a ton of variables here outside of my control (wind!), however the results were pleasing"

AIRhub Pro Hands-On! A Resistance Wheel!

"Ever wanted to ride with friends that were...ummm...slower than you, and still get a legit workout? That's what this wheel does. It actually adds resistance, but...it'll cost ya! Here's all the details."

REVOLUTIONARY Training Wheel! (AIRhub)

"Let me know your thoughts on this adjustable resistance training wheel? I think it's pretty cool!!"

Welcome to Airhub

Airhub: On Road Relationship Building

"I am heading out for a ride with my fiance Maddie, normally she would spend the whole ride sitting behind me. Lets see if this AIRhub can get us side by side and back on 'speaking terms'".