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World champion cyclist and AIRhub inventor, Michael Freiberg, explores the reasons why he developed the AIRhub.

For many, the AIRhub is the final link in the chain for the best cycling has to offer. Maximum control of your environment. The AIRhub was born from a dream: a dream that i could get the same joy and excitement from the roads around my house as i did when i was a kid. 

The AIRhub was designed so i could ride on the beautiful bike paths around my city at a safe speed. i wanted to train and enjoy my sport, not be subjected to the cold dark hours that the latest sports science programs are pushing on to us. i wanted to be an elite cyclist and still go riding with my friends and family, people who mean so much to my life but ride at different speeds. 

i wanted to imagine a world, just like in the computer games, where as your ability improved, the challenges you faced leveled up with you. There was always a match of ability and training quality. The roads you travled as a kid would now posses the same awe inspiring challenge

i wanted to imagine a world where you could be riding in a big group and your effort was always in the correct training zone. No matter how fast or how slow the group rode the bike would always give you the perfect training. The "scientific training" that was forcing you to ride by yourself could now be done with your best mates, chatting and sharing the ride.

i wanted to imagine a world where i could ride and be safe. Safe from Bike path bandits racing along and scaring other riders. Safe from being forced to ride miles from home to find a good training grounds. Safe from cars pulling out in front of me and not having enough time to react. Safe from riding dangerous roads because the are the only ones good enough to train on.

Chasing this dream has taken me on an adventure. We have spent 5 years designing and refining a product of the highest quality. Finally we have the AIRHub. A fully computer controlled bicycle wheel that can deliver precises training loads in accordance with speed or biological inputs. There are much cheaper ways to increase drag, yet not many that are sensible or scientific. I wanted to build a professional tool that would be an integral part of the training programs of most elite cyclists on the planet.

Through our focus on quality and staying true to our goals we now supply training tools to the best athletes on the planet. First adopters of the product are having breakthrough seasons, smashing records and powering through the elite ranks at unheard of speeds. All this has come through the subtle precise and meaurable delivery of resistance. We hope you will have the same success as these athletes have. 

Keep training 

Michael Freiberg.