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We've made the AIRhub quick and easy to use so you can get out on the open road; where you want to be.

1. Download smartphone application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Remove AIRhub from box and fit with tube and tyre.

3. Secure AIRhub in front forks, ensuring red arrows point forward.

4. (If required) Attach Smartphone Bike Mount to handlebars and clip in smartphone.
Smartphone will transmit data from jersey pocket also.

5. Place supplied Viiiiva Heart Rate Strap on chest.

6. Open AIRhub smartphone application.

7. Begin riding and wait for the smartphone application to recognise the AIRhub.
(this will appear as a 4 digit number at the bottom of the screen).
NOTE: You must be riding at a speed of 15km/h or above for the AIRhub to register.

8. Select the recognised AIRhub.
The device will now begin transmitting data. 
NOTE: It may take up to 30 seconds for data to appear on screen after pairing.

9. Send a resistance command to the AIRhub.
Choose up to 100 watts, or a specific Heart Rate to be kept at.
The AIRhub will continually apply resistance, even while the App is closed, until a Pause command is sent.
For more information on operating modes see AIRhub Operating Manual below.

10. Start training like a God.