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 Terrain Dynamics is team of cycling technologists who aim to push the boundaries of high performance sport. 
Headed by 2011 World Omnium Champion, Michael Freiberg, we focus on producing the tools that athletes need to be the best. 
To create cutting edge products we use data, in depth reporting and rigorous testing, all while building upon current research and the 30 years of engineering experience in our team. 
We create solutions to take you to the next level out on the open road.


 2011 World Omnium Champion. 
Managing Director, Terrain Dynamics.
"The idea for the AIRhub came out of the desire to train more efficiently, to cut out the excuses and to be able to get the most out of training no matter where you are or who you ride with." 

"Over the 6 years I was with the AIS I found my training program becoming more and more technical and specific in regards to heart rate zones, power output etc. However, I found there wasn't any device that gave me full control over my training. You could measure your Watts, follow your Heart rate, and look at your data post-ride, but you essentially were at the mercy of your environment. I was always looking for that edge and thought surely there was a better way to take back control over how I trained. And so I tried it all. Riding with the brakes on. Fat tyres. Heavy rims. You name it. These all definitely got the Watts up but I knew there had to be a better way to make it easier for everyone to have ultimate control over their training and their performance from that."

"With the AIRhub, we've created that. A smart, one-of-a-kind electromagnetic braking system that works with you and can be customised to suit your program and your terrain. I hope everyone who's ever struggled to take their performance to the next level, whether it be because they live in a flat area, don't have safe roads to train on or have to train solo just to get in those hard sessions, can find their answer in the AIRhub."  

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