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What are the expected physiological adaptations for training in different zones?

What are the expected physiological adaptations for training in different zones? 
The photo attached is the work of Dr Andy Coggan, the Author of Training and Racing with a Power Meter and founder of the smart training movement we see today.

The table outlines the expected physiological improvement for training completed in each of the 7 zones.

We can see from this chart that training above Vo2 max does little to improve our lactate threshold or improve glycogen storage; two of the major contributors to exercise performance. 

Tempo and Threshold work deliver the biggest training adaptations and this is why they form the basis of a high performance training program.

AIRhub is the number 1 tool for generating more time in Tempo and Threshold zones and this is why it’s the choice of world class athletes. As used by Record breaking Ironmen and Athletes on 8 different World Tour cycling Teams, the AIRhub puts you into the most effective training zones at the press of a button.

The AIRhub resistance is specific to you and your training time. Most cyclist don’t have the time to ride their bike all day, that’s why smart training using the AIRhub always delivers quick results. A 40minute high resistance ride around the suburb is enough to activate all the physiological adaptations listed in the chart above. It’s possible to apply the maximal adaptation for the minimum training dose by training smart.

To read more about smart time effective training have a quick google for Andy Coggan’s work and be sure to read some of the www.AIRhub.com.au training blogs. The 2x 20minute training session and the “Sweet Spot” concept is just some of his work.


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Quick Tips, Overgeared training

Short for training time today? Try high intensity overgeared intervals.

Overgear training will uprecruit muscle fibres and train fibres normally only used at the end of a long training day. The athlete who can resist the most fatigue will win the most races. If you can’t train long, you need to train smart.

What do to? Use the AIRhub to reduce your road speed and aim to hold a cadence of 60rpm. Ride at maximum effort for 3 minutes, followed by 3 minutes easy, repeat. This type of ride is perfect for short commutes or pre-dinner training sessions around your suburb.

More adaptation in less time. Train with AIRhub. 
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Carbohydrate consumption while training Sweetspot.

Are you training In the Sweetspot or threshold zones today? 🚲 Make sure you are consuming 90g of carbohydrates each hour to maximise performance. 💪

Inadequate carbs can cause premature session failure and can waste a day of training 👎. Sweetspot and tempo sessions rely heavily on stored carbohydrates and blood glucose. These need to be frequently topped up DURING a session if you want to maintain power.

Check the nutritional information on your ride food to calculate your expected carbohydrate intake. To keep your nutrition on schedule time your nutrition on the half hour or into 20 minute blocks. 60 - 90g should be your hourly target. As your intensity increases, the food you consume should become more refined, simper and quicker to digest. 🍭🍬🍯

Nutrition strategies must be practiced in training to ensure your gut can handle it come race day. Deciding to save the bike food to give you a boost on race day is a really bad idea. You risk sever gastric distress and may even throw up while riding if you get it wrong.

90g of carbohydrate is the maximum the body can absorb each hour on the bike, and while there are days that training can be completed under carbohydrate restriction, tempo and sweetspot sessions are definitely not the ones.

Use the AIRhub to increase your endurance riding power and stretch your time to fatigue at target zones. Use carbs to keep your goals on target and performance steadily improving. This stuff works. Make it work for you. 
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