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10% more powerful in 3 weeks. This is how you do it.

10% more powerful in 3 weeks. This is how you do it.

Summer is here and it's time to ramp up the fitness. 

This 3 week program is the fastest way to improve your overall fitness and aerobic capacity. 

The longest session in this program is 3hrs long and the Key Performance Indicator will be your ability to hold a hard endurance pace for up to 2hrs.

By improving your tempo endurance capabilities you will be able to complete almost any group ride or training session and kick off your summer of cycling.  

The AIRhub will be the most important tool for these sessions as it will reduce your riding speed and allow you to complete the tempo sets at a more comfortable pace. Just like when you are climbing, as the pace drops it becomes easier to produce more power for the same effort. 

Consistency is the key as each session is designed to prime the next session. No single day is more important than the next. If the mid week long ride cant be completed due to work commitments it can be split into two sessions to maintain the daily volume.

seated power session
1 Set = 40s sprint, 20s recovery x4
3 Sets of 4 min. 5min recovery between sets.
Designed to maximise seated power and maintain maximum oxygen delivery.
Slow Endurance 
Do not exceed 75% of maximum HR.
This is a tempo preparation ride.
Going too hard will destroy tomorrow's session.
Tempo sessions should be completed at 80% max heart rate. Never exceed 85% max HR.
Don’t use power, only target heart rate as it will track with body stress. 
By the 3rd week you should see a massive increase in your tempo power and duration.


Tempo sessions consume a significant amount of Carbohydrates sometimes over 200g in a single session. Make sure to to consume adequate fuel during the sessions and refuel post ride. Fruit juice is the best source of carbohydrates for post tempo refueling as it contains both glucose and fructose. Fructose is important as it will recover liver glycogen much faster than a glucose recovery drink alone. 

Don't be afraid of the duration of the tempo sets during the second and 3rd weeks. These sessions are completed on heart rate. The great thing about training to heart rate is that as you get tired, your heart rate will start to drift upwards and the effort will remain constant and sometimes even reduce. This drift reflects the metabolic fatigue and is one of our training targets. 

Good luck and enjoy the improvements.