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AIRHub™ Original - Standard rim

AIRHub™ Original - Standard rim

AIRHub™ Original - Standard rim

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The AIRhub™ is the first and only on-road resistance training system in the world. The AIRhub™ allows you to shape your terrain, giving you back control out on the open road. Train solo or in a group and get the exact workout you need. Add your preferred amount of watts or use real-time metabolic feedback. The AIRhub™ automatically regulates resistance and keeps you in the perfect training zone. It is precision training as you have never seen it.




Your smartphone acts as the brain of the AIRhub™, precisely controlling every action it makes. We've created a number of modes to create the perfect training conditions to suit your ride. The AIRhub™ does all the hard work, leaving you to focus on your riding. 

5 Modes of resistance allows you to control your ride with precision. 

  • Watts mode: add 0 to 100 w or resistance with the touch of a button. 
  • Power mode; Link your power meter to the AIRhub App for the most advanced training in existence. Power mode listens to your power meter and adjusts resistance as your power drifts away from your target.  Once you have selected a training power in the app the AIRhub will automatically regulate loads to hold your training wattage. 
  • Heart rate mode: The AIRhub™ app listens to your heart rate monitor and can apply resistance in real time to keep you at your specified zone. Pick a target heart rate and the AIRhub™ will automatically modify resistance to keep you there. In a big group the AIRhub™ will keep your heart rate up when everyone else is slacking off, it will then drop resistance when you charge to the front. 
  • Cda mode: Cda mode applies resistance just like air drag does. The faster you ride exponentially more resistance is applied, as you slow down for climb resistance reduces to allow you to get over it. 
  • W/kmh mode: just like Cda mode this mode is dependant on your speed, up to 2 watts per kmh of resistance can be applied. For example, if you are riding at 30kmh on level 2, the hub will apply 60w of resistance. 

For more information about training with the AIRhub™ click below.

 Training Modes

Download smartphone application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store





AIRhub Original maximal resistance curves.

AIRhub uses a magnetic resistance to generate resistance. Please see the charts below to understand the maximal characteristics of each setting.